At KCMV we strive for excellence. We not only provide an environment to nourish your soul but also to nourish your physical body. Here is a list of some of the activities we like to do during the camps.

Hockey: Develop your skills in puck management goal tending, shooting, defence and offense.  Test your ability with team play scrimmages.




Basketball: Amplify your skills in dribbling, foul shooting, defence and offence.  Test your ability with full court scrimmages.




Sand Volleyball: Dig your toes into the sand.  Dive, jump and set to win.  Be prepared for an intense game of sand volleyball.




Soccer: Spend a week with soccer players and play soccer. You will be challenged to improve and learn new skills while learning how to be a part of a team.




Archery: Ever wish you were Robin Hood?  Develop an archer’s skill and show off your talent to the entire camp in a demonstration during the Sikh Talent Nite.







High Ropes Course: Imagine dangling in the air after your friend jumped off the line? NO your friend wouldn’t do that to you. Learn to trust your peers on the high ropes course. Conquer your fear of heights as you cross over the Rickty Bridge.




Horseback Riding: You will be awed by the site of this huge muscular animal. Enjoy riding your favourite horse  and learn about how to take care of these delicate animals.




facebook_1483070649383Cascade Falls Hike
: We will hike up the  mountain to a pristine and crystal clear water fall. Enjoy the serenity of the cold crisp water hitting the rocks and splashing on your feet.




Rock Climbing Wall: If you like “living on the edge”rock climbing is definitely something you will enjoy. This activity is skyrocketing in popularity.




Zipline: Can you imagine soaring through the air at a fast speed?!!! Just imagine the wind hitting your face and your lungs on fire. Zip-lining is an experience you will not want to miss.




Paintball: Paintball has become a RAD activity!  It is complete with equipment, safety gear and a ration of paintballs.  Enjoy our woods course or our indoor warehouse course as you play this amazing game of paintball tag.




canoeingpicCanoeing: Conquer your fear of water – jump in a solo kayak or a canoe and enjoy an afternoon on Khalsa Lake. We promise you that you will get wet and it will be fun!