Camper Checklist

___Sleeping bag (or blanket)
___ Pillow
___ Flat Bed sheet or Twin Fitted Sheet
___Toothbrush / toothpaste / hairbrush / towel / shampoo / body wash deodorant, etc.
___Rumaal / bandana / patka / keski / dastaar (head covering)
___Kurta Pajama / Salwar Kameez or Bana **AT LEAST 2**
___Track pants/jogging pants
___ Snowgear: Snow Jacket, Snow Pants, Snow Gloves, Scarf, Toque
___Long Sleeve Shirts
___Winter Jacket
___Running shoes
___Boots(Rain or Snow)
___Flashlight (plus extra batteries)
___ Ice Skates (optional)
___ Helmet (optional)
___ Waterbottle labelled with your name
___ Small backpack to carry your skates/helmet
___ Pajamas
___ Flip-Flops/Slipppers (inside shoes)

– Amritdhari campers may want to bring an extra Kanga and Kirpan in case they break or are lost.

Please note:

No camper should bring any food (chips, pop, candy, granola bars, etc.).

All food will be provided at the campsite. All food brought by campers to the campsite will be confiscated and will NOT be returned.

No camper should bring any magazines, books etc.

No camper is to bring any valuables to the campsite (cell phones, iPods, game boys, PSPs, Nintendo DS, firecrackers, laser pens, palm pilots, mp3 players, etc). If any camper does bring these types of items they will be confiscated.

If any camper possesses any of the above listed materials, the item will be confiscated and the parents will be charged a $100 fine prior to return of the personal item.

No foul or hateful language will be tolerated at camp. Khalsa Centre promotes equality for all people from different genders, races, cultures, nationalities and faiths.

Campers will be told all the rules of camp on the first day.