___Sleeping bag (or blanket)
___ Pillow
___ Twin Fitted Sheet
___Toothbrush / toothpaste / hairbrush / shampoo / body wash
deodorant, etc.
___Beach towel
___Bath towel
___Rumaal / bandana / patka / keski / dastaar (head covering)
___Salwar Kameez/Kurta Pyjama or Bana **AT LEAST 2**
___Track pants/jogging pants
___ Rain Jacket (must be waterproof)
___Running shoes
___Indoor slippers
___ Swim Shorts and Swim T-Shirt (no swimsuits)
___Jeans (will be used for horseback riding)
___Mosquito Repellent / Afterbite
___Mustard Seed Oil (as Mosquito Repellent)
___Refillable Water Bottle (please label with name)
___Alarm Clock
___Small Table Fan (optional)
___Laundry Bag
___2 Labeled Garbage Bags (will be used to bring home any extra belongings)

– Amritdhari campers may want to bring an extra kanga and kirpan in
case they break or are lost.

Please note:

No camper should bring any food (chips, pop, candy, granola bars, etc.). All food will be provided at the campsite.

No camper is to bring any valuables to the campsite (cell phones, iPods, iPads, firecrackers, bluetooth speakers etc). If any camper does bring these types of items they will be confiscated.