Start Date: 14 July 2013

End Date: 19 July 2013

Time: 01:00pm

Place: Khalsa Centre @ Miracle Valley

KCMV 2013 - Kaurs Camp

This camp is for Kaurs aged 9-14, who would like to deepen their love for Sikhi with inspirational sangat. The Sevadaars, Workshop Topics, Gatka and all darbars will be coordinated by up and coming Kaur Sevadars in our local Sikh community.  This year’s theme will be “Sarbat Da Bhalla”.

Meeting at Khalsa School Newton 6933 124th Street at 1pm. Please have lunch prior to arriving. Please make sure your luggage is clearly labelled.

We will return at the end of the camp between 11 and 12pm. Please call 604 908 5575 and listen to the voice mail to find out exactly what time we will arrive.